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Dog on the Move: Keep Moving Day Stress-Free for Your Dog

Happy Monday, All!! We have a guest blogger this week, Cindy Aldridge, from who has been kind enough to share her tips and advice for dog owners on the home buying and moving process. Our fur babies are very important family members  who can have a hard time when we uproot them, so I am grateful to Cindy for sharing her helpful advice with us. Enjoy! 

You’re moving and probably have a lot on your mind. Meanwhile, Fido is watching things change around him and has no idea what is happening. Dogs are sensitive creatures; they know when something is changing and experience worry and anxiety. When moving day is around the corner, plan accordingly and keep it as stress-free for your pooch as possible. For your dog, home is their territory, and they have a strong attachment to it. Dogs are habitual animals, and when their normal routine shifts, they can experience nervousness and anxiety. 

Before the Move 

There are ways to help your dog stay calm as you pack and prepare for the move. 

● Keep their safe place. Whether your dog sleeps in the bedroom or in the laundry room, keep his sleeping quarters intact and familiar for as long as possible. This gives him a safe place to retreat to when things get stressful. 

● Maintain the walks. Every dog owner knows that a tired dog is a good dog. If you can manage to keep your pup’s walking schedule the same, it will help reduce stress. It will also keep him tired and relaxed. 

● Give them attention. Your dog’s anxiety is enhanced if they are suddenly ignored. Make sure to play with them and give them plenty of attention. 

Before you move into your new home, it’s a good idea to give it a good deep cleaning to ensure everything is fresh and sparkling while you get settled in. Of course, keeping it that way can be problematic, especially when you have a lovable pooch who sheds all over the place. If you don’t already have them, now’s the time to get some cleaning supplies and a solid pet-friendly vacuum that can address the hair and dander our furry friends leave behind. Before you commit to one, spend some time reading reviews and checking out buyers guides. 

Moving Day 

Moving day is stressful for everyone involved, and it presents plenty of opportunities for your dog to run away or be startled by the movers. For your dog’s safety and well-being, consider a few things on moving day. 

Remove them from the action. If at all possible, remove your dog by finding a neighbor, friend, or doggie daycare to watch your pup for the whole day. This will make sure your dog is not startled by the chaos of the move or stressed with the movers. Keeping them far away will prevent any chances of them getting loose or running away. 

Keep them in a safe room. If it’s not possible to take them somewhere, provide them with their own room or space with treats to keep them occupied and stress levels low. Their favorite toys and blankets can also help them feel safe and comfortable. 

Pack their favorite toy. Dogs are calmed by familiar smells. Some experts suggest that you pack for your dog. If you take them to a sitter, bring their bed or favorite toy. This can make them feel at ease. If your dog is traveling with you in the car, you should make a space surrounded by his blanket or bedding. This will be important upon moving into your new house as well. Plus keeping little pieces of home nearby will help the transition. 

Don’t forget their records. Make sure that you have your dog’s medical records and tags at hand. Keep his collar on with your updated information, in case something happens. Once you’re moved in, the Spruce suggests giving your dog plenty of time to transition. It takes them some time to adjust to their new surroundings, but planning ahead and taking precautions during moving day will prevent your dog from being frazzled once in your new home. Your dog loves his home. It is his territory and it is likely all he knows. They are sensitive creatures and look to you for guidance and protection. With a little attention and love, your pup will be happy in his new home in no time. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay