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7 Tips for Easy Summer Home Care

While summertime offers us a great opportunity to make the most of our sunny weekends, you might find yourself with some extra free time. What to do? Why not take a little time each weekend to give your home a little extra care? One of the best things about owning a home is the pride and satisfaction we get from making it look as beautiful as possible! Here are some practical summer to-do’s that will help you keep your home and garden in fantastic shape.

Keep it green: 

Harsh summer heat can up the ante when it comes to caring for your lawn. Make sure to keep it watered and fertilized! 

Fire it up: 

Get a head start for the upcoming winter and clean out your wood-burning fireplace and chimney. You’ll have one less winter task to attend to! 

Carpet care: 

Now is the perfect time to have your carpets professionally cleaned, which will protect your carpet and make it last even longer. Want to save a few bucks? Rent a quality carpet cleaner and do it yourself! I recently rented one and not only it is it super economical, but it actually works great!


Inspect your home—inside and out—and touch up any paint where necessary. This can be done quickly and easily, and will prevent future peeling.

Lock and key: 

Check all of the locks on your windows and doors and ensure that everything is working properly. Being proactive about safety is always a smart move! 

Oil it: 

Anything squeaking? Add a squirt of WD-40 or similar product to your door, cabinet, and window hinges to keep them in top repair.

Park the car: 

If your garage is filling up with an abundance of stored items, take a day to reorganize and get rid of unwanted clutter. Give your unneeded items to charity, or have a fun summer yard sale! You might even get your neighbors to join in.