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New Year's Eve Decorating Ideas

It's almost time to ring in the New Year again! Resolutions for the coming year, the feeling of a fresh start, and the notion that anything is possible are all common as another year approaches. The young ones/amateurs will celebrate out on the town, but if you're what I like to call a professional/getting old like me, you're probably going to celebrate NYE at someone's home. This year my husband and I are hosting dinner and the ball drop at our house with London broil, crab cakes, and of course champagne!! We've got the menu down, but what party would be complete without the proper decorations? Here are some ways to make your New Year’s Eve celebration fittingly festive and I've included a link below that to help with your menu too! 

Do You Have The Time? 

A New Year’s Eve celebration would not be complete without a clock. After all, the evening’s events all lead up to one great countdown that rings in the New Year, so make sure that your party features a large clock that’s big enough for every guest to see from a distance. It should have an hour, minute, and second hand so that you can host your own countdown to the New Year with everyone present. 

Ring In The New Year Everywhere 

Depending on where you are, it may be possible to watch live televised coverage of others as they ring in the New Year before you. For instance, those located on the west coast or even in the central states can watch everyone on the east coast celebrate the New Year before they do. This is often a fun way to lead up to your own time zone celebration, so be sure to include a television for all of your guests to watch throughout the party. 

Popular Decorations 

With New Year’s Eve comes streamers, confetti, balloons, and plenty of other colorful decorations. This means that you absolutely must incorporate color into your decorating theme. Another popular accent is an automatic bubble machine, which is always a crowd pleaser at any party. 

Have A Seat 

If your New Year’s Eve party includes dinner, be sure to decorate each place-setting accordingly. Tablecloths should be crisp white in color and beautifully adorned with elegant dinnerware and flatware. At each setting, include a disposable camera, party hats, a small bag of confetti, and a miniature bubble set. These will be ideal for your guests to capture all of evening’s special moments on film and still be able to participate in the festivities. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward 

Most New Year’s Eve parties feature dancing, so put your best foot forward when it comes to decorating your dance floor. People love to dance and having the perfect setting will help everyone enjoy your party even more! 

NYE Menu Ideas:

Happy New Year, Y'all!!!!