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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Once again, it's time for the wearing of the green. Many Americans, Irish or not, celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick every March 17th. Parades march, green beer flows, and corned beef and cabbage can be found in many pots. To get you in the St. Paddy's Day spirit, I thought I'd share a few interesting facts about St. Patrick and the celebration. After you read that, click the link I've provided to find the perfect spot around Atlanta to celebrate this weekend. Have fun and be safe!!

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was not Irish. He was born in Britain.

The Irish have observed March 17, the anniversary of his death in the fifth century, as a religious holiday for thousands of years.

The very first St. Patrick's Day parade took place not in Ireland, but in the United States. 

Irish soldiers, serving in the English Military, marched through New York City on March 17, 1762. 

And the story about the snakes? It isn’t true. It has long been said that St. Patrick once stood on a hilltop and banished all the snakes from Ireland. In fact, the island nation was never the home to any snakes at all! Ha!

Fact or folklore, we can all be Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Just put on your green, go have a green beer or my fave, Guiness, and join the celebration!!

Here's a recipe for a Shamrock Sour Cocktail to get you started:

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons lime juice, ½ tablespoon lemon juice, ¼ cup simple syrup, 2 ounces Irish whiskey, 1 tiny drop of green food coloring, lime wedges for garnish 

Instructions: Combine ingredients and shake well; strain over ice.Garnish with a lime wedge and a shamrock stirrer. Enjoy!!

Looking for something to do this weekend to celebrate? Click here: