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Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Happy Friday, all!! My husband and I (mostly my husband) have been working hard on our landscaping and improving our curb appeal lately, so I wanted to share some useful tips today that you can employ to improve the curb appeal of your home too! 

Start by walking across the street and taking a look at your overall landscape. 

1. Are shrubs trimmed neatly? Windows and doors shouldn’t be overshadowed by overgrown bushes. 

2. Clear your entry, sidewalk, and plant beds of leaves and debris. 

3. Add a new layer of attractive mulch to all planting areas. 

4. Are there bare spots or weeds in the lawn? Your local garden supplier can tell you the best way to remedy this problem. 

5. Hardscape (bird feeders or houses, simple water features, statuary) can add warmth and character to an otherwise drab terrain. 

6. Make your front door more appealing with a fresh coat of paint or stain and new hardware. You will be amazed how this touch will improve the look of your home and by the comments you will get from your neighbors!

7. Speaking of hardware, install new light fixtures on both sides of your door and change your old, scratched house number plates with shiny new ones. 

8. Consider shutters or awnings to dress up your windows. 

9. Well placed, low voltage landscape lighting is fairly inexpensive and will dramatically enhance your home when the sun goes down. We just did this at our house and my goodness what a difference it makes!

Here are more tips on how to improve curb appeal from Better Homes and Gardens. Have fun!