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6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Keeping a Dog-Friendly and Clean Home

Happy Friday, all!! Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous weekend in the ATL finally!! Time to get outside and enjoy it. I know a lot of you will be taking your dogs to the park to give them such much needed exercise or maybe taking them for a run. Our guest blogger, Cindy from, is back to give us some pointers on how to keep our beautiful homes clean for us and our furry friends . Enjoy!!   

Keeping your home clean when you have a dog can be challenging. And when you don’t want to spend your entire paycheck on professional cleaning services, it takes a commitment to developing habits that will help keep your living space spotless on a consistent basis. Fortunately, there are practical ways to control the mess, fur, dander, and saliva. Here are 6 budget-friendly tips for keeping your home both dog-friendly and clean: 

1. Remove stains 

Potty mess is one of the most common reasons it’s difficult to keep your home clean when you have a dog. If you see or smell that your dog has urinated on the floor, it’s important to clean it as soon as possible. Make sure to keep a stain-and-odor remover handy at all times. Using an enzymatic pet odor remover is an inexpensive and effective way to deal with potty mess. 

2. Wipe their paws 

If you have a clean dog, it will make it easier to keep your home clean. One way to ensure this is to wipe their paws each time they come in from outside. Have a small cleaning station—or at least a towel—handy by the door. That way, you won’t have to go looking for what you need when your dog is ready to come in. 

3. Get them groomed 

Grooming is also a big deal when it comes to a clean home. Most breeds can benefit from regular grooming, but it can quickly get expensive to take them to a professional every time. Instead, research online to learn what you can do at home. For instance, brushing through their fur will significantly cut down on the pet hair and dander circulating through your home, while brushing their teeth and gums will help minimize the spread of bacteria from saliva. Giving them regular baths also makes a big difference. 

4. Trim their nails 

Along with brushing and bathing your pup, trimming their nails is important as well. It not only makes walking and other activities more comfortable for your pup, it also helps to minimize the dirt and other debris they can track in after being outdoors. Plus, it will help protect your furniture and floors from scratches. 

5. Wash their bedding 

Washing your dog’s belongings is the one of the most important tips on this list. Your dog’s bed, blankets, and pillows are hubs for a variety of bacteria. With that said, it’s generally a good idea to wash their bedding once a week. If that’s unrealistic for your schedule, try to at least wash it every two weeks. Most dog bedding can be washed in the washing machine; just be sure to follow the cleaning instructions on the tags. Also, it helps to vacuum the bedding a couple times a week. 

6. Wash their bowls and toys 

Like their bedding, your dog’s bowls and toys come with a plethora of germs. Some experts suggest washing dog bowls once a day with hot water and soap. Though this isn’t realistic for most people’s lifestyles, try to wash your pup’s bowls at least every few days. If you want to use the dishwasher, scrub any food or grime stuck on the bowls before putting them in the dishwasher with your other dishes. As far as their toys go, try to wash them every few days with hot water and soap; many stuffed toys can be washed in the washing machine. 

You can keep your home dog-friendly and clean by forming a few new habits. Remember to always have pet stain-and-odor remover handy, and wipe your dog’s paws after they’ve been outside. Learn how to groom them yourself, and trim their nails regularly. Finally, wash your dog’s bedding, bowls, and toys to minimize the bacteria in your home. Following these tips will earn you a clean home in no time! 

Photo Credit: Pexels